Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris
Ridingx Chris

Ridingx Chris

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Experience ultimate pleasure with Chris, the 14lb male torso sex doll featuring a 7-inch lifelike cock. Made from premium soft platinum silicone, Chris offers a realistic touch and durability. The 15cm deep anus adds to the versatile experience. Enjoy the flexibility of no internal metal rods dildo, allowing for safe and unrestricted movement. Compatible with David, Noah, and Vincent,Perfect for those seeking diverse and intense orgasms. 

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Chris with James

Explore New Sensations

Use additional interchangeable dildos to allow you to explore new sensations and enhance your pleasure.

Advantages of Silicone Material & Lifelike Design:

  • Real Feeling | Real Skin | Best Quality
  • Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Easy to Sterilize
  • Resistant to Bacteria
  • Odorless
  • Realistic Cock Skin Design

Advantages of Replaceable Penis Design:

  • Enhanced Sexual Pleasure: Experience varying sexual sensations by using different sizes and functionalities of interchangeable dildos, ensuring that every day brings a new level of excitement.
  • Cost-Effective: Save money by not needing to purchase multiple male torso dolls. Instead, you can simply buy interchangeable dildos, allowing you to enjoy diverse experiences without the extra expense.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Nice substitute when my man is gone


Great addition to my toys. Perfect size, very comfortable and easy to use!

You can change the dildo, it's perfect

The first time I bought a toy, I chose to buy high-quality, safe materials that will not cause allergies, because I have sensitive skin.
After comparing many models, I finally chose RidingX, and it really didn't disappoint me. The skin touch is very real, and the size is also suitable. I like their design the most. The dildo can be replaced. It's really perfect. I love it.

Sherry Lynn
Life like, and weighted perfectly

This product makes sex a whole lot of fun and exciting. It's weighted just right, and can be bent to achieve multiple positions. It's very life like feeling makes the experience even more satisfying. I would highly recommend this product to everyone and anyone...

Feels so real

So soft. Bendable. Feels so real!! 10/10 recommend