Focus on high quality sex riding design for women

Perfect for those seeking diverse and intense orgasms

What we have done

Body Safe

Our products are made from safe and durable materials, We prioritize user safety and satisfaction by avoiding inferior materials that can break or breed bacteria.

Featuring innovative, easy-to-replace dildo designs

Our unique connector system ensures a secure and flexible experience, allowing for 360-degree bending without internal metal rods. Enjoy safe, pleasurable experiences with our meticulously crafted products.


Discover unparalleled pleasure with Tom, the ultimate silicone torso dildo designed for a lifelike and exhilarating experience. Weighing 29 lbs, Tom features a 7-inch realistic cock and a 15cm deep anus for diverse satisfaction. Made from premium soft platinum silicone, it's both safe and durable. Enjoy intense orgasms with Tom’s flexible design, capable of bending 360 degrees without internal metal rods.Ideal for women seeking varied and fulfilling experiences.


Experience ultimate pleasure with Chris, the 14lb male torso sex doll featuring a 7-inch lifelike cock. Made from premium soft platinum silicone, Chris offers a realistic touch and durability. The 15cm deep anus adds to the versatile experience. Enjoy the flexibility of no internal metal rods dildo, allowing for safe and unrestricted movement.Perfect for those seeking diverse and intense orgasms.


Meet David, the ultimate pleasure companion. Standing at 8 inches, this massive dildo offers a realistic and lifelike experience thanks to its soft platinum silicone material. With a foreskin sliding structure and sliding testicles, get ready to experience the real thing.


Introducing Noah, the 7in double dildo that allows you to experience vaginal and anal sex simultaneously, Noah is perfect for giving women double orgasms.