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Reimagining sexual experiences through Replaceable Dildo Design, It is ideal for those seeking diversity and intense orgasms.

Stimulation And Orgasm

Are you looking forward to having sex with multiple men at the same time, feeling the different sensations and orgasms brought by various penises? Yes, RIDINGX makes it possible. With the interchangeable dildo design, you can reimagine your sexual experience.

Quality Over Quantity

We only use the highest quality materials. We ensure every Torso & cock is created from platinum grade silicone, making it an easy and safe option for your body, where other companies can use TPE and other plastic that your body can reject.

Highest Customer Reviews

Discover authentic sex doll reviews through genuine customer feedback and experienced influencer insights. We provide products to bloggers and porn stars, ensuring you receive honest and trustworthy information to guide your decisions.

Free and Fast Shipping Service

We have the RIDINGX online shopping mall, and we also sell on Amazon with FBA shipping. Additionally, we have a large inventory in the United States, so you don’t have to worry about your order being delayed. We will process your order within 24 hours.

Quality Assurance90 Days Warranty

Thank you for your purchase! We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service. As part of this commitment, we offer a 90-day warranty on all our products.

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The Most Special Male Sex Doll

With realistic touch skin and 4 interchangeable dildos, made from body-safe silicone material, odorless and resistant to breakage, it is your best choice.

Explore New Sensations

Use additional interchangeable dildos to allow you to explore new sensations and enhance your pleasure.

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Consistently praised through genuine customer feedback and insights from experienced influencers.

RIDINGX: Professional Male Torso Sex Doll Brand

Ridingx specializes in creating premium, realistic silicone male torso sex dolls for women, using high-quality materials resistant to breakage and bacteria.

Our products meet the sexual health needs of women living alone and provide 4 different sizes of interchangeable dildos to ensure you get diverse and intense orgasmic pleasure.

Ridingx's online adult sex store offers discreet and free shipping on orders around the world.


Yes, Ridingx male torso sex dolls and dildos are made of safe, non-toxic silicone materials with no odor, making them suitable for oral sex. Unlike TPE materials, which can cause discomfort, our silicone products enhance your experience.

Ridingx has revolutionized torso dildos through high-quality materials, expert design, and partnerships with leading manufacturers. We offer a 90-day warranty, hassle-free returns, and 100% refunds to ensure customer satisfaction.

Silicone is superior to TPE due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and realistic feel. Our ultra-soft silicone offers the benefits of both materials, providing exceptional realism at a competitive price.

TPE Concerns

TPE is non-disinfectable, difficult to clean, and may harbor mold over time. We recommend using condoms with TPE products to ensure safety.

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