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How to Clean a Sex Doll?

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Investing in a sex doll is an intimate and personal decision, and like any cherished possession, proper care is essential for a long-lasting companionship. In this guide, we will delve into the meticulous process of cleaning and caring for your sex doll to ensure a fulfilling and enduring relationship.

Part I: Cleaning Your Sex Doll

Frequency of Cleaning:

Before first usage, clean your sex doll to eliminate any factory residue.
Monthly cleaning is recommended to prevent dust accumulation.
After each sexual encounter, focus on cleaning vital areas such as the mouth, anus, and vagina.

What Not to Do:

Avoid using sharp objects, hard sponges, or wire brushes to prevent damage to the doll's skin.
Never immerse the doll's head or neck in water to prevent rusting of metal components.
Refrain from applying excessive force during cleaning, as it may lead to skin tearing.
Do not use a hairdryer for blow-drying the sex doll.

Cleaning Materials:

Antibacterial soap
Talcum powder (baby powder)
Light sponge
Soft towel
Non-abrasive drying cloth
Premium Renewal Powder

Cleaning the Body:

Thorough cleaning every 14 days is recommended.
Use a mix of antibacterial soap and tepid water.
Avoid getting the neck and head too wet to prevent rusting of metal components.
Showering or bathing the sex doll is acceptable.

Drying Your Sex Doll:

Pat dry gently with a soft towel.
Avoid using hard sponges or brushes to prevent damage.
Apply talcum powder once dry to protect the skin and prevent friction damage.

Cleaning Intimate Areas:

Clean important areas like the vaginal, anal, and oral after every use.
Use mild antibacterial soap water and a vaginal irrigator.
Dust with Premium Renewal Powder after drying.

Cleaning the Face:

Remove the head and wig if possible.
Use warm antibacterial soapy water on a sponge or cloth.
Avoid wetting the eyes and lashes.
Pat dry with a non-abrasive cloth.
Part II: Caring for Your Sex Doll

Body & Skin Care:

Store your doll in a cool, dark place to prevent uneven fading.
Avoid extreme temperatures to prevent deformation.
Keep the doll in a sitting position or lying on her back.
Avoid tight clothing and dark-colored fabrics to prevent permanent marks.
Place the doll on a soft surface to prevent indentations.

Hair Care:

Use a metal brush or comb for brushing synthetic wigs.
Remove for styling, cleaning, or replacement with a commercial wig.
Brush gently, starting from small sections close to the hair tips.


Taking care of your sex doll is a responsibility that ensures a prolonged and satisfying companionship. By following these cleaning and caring guidelines, you can maintain the quality and extend the life of your cherished companion. If you have further questions, feel free to reach out to us at for assistance.


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